Blood, Blades & Twisted Fates – JJK Chapter 252 Delivers Intense Twists

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Chapter 252 of JJK is an action-packed installment that not only elaborates on Maki’s entrance onto the scene but also possibly reveals a theory that has been brewing for two weeks. The chapter starts off with Discord leaks and poorly translated Twitter leaks, setting the stage for an exposition-heavy chapter where good translation is crucial. Despite the convoluted explanations, the fighting takes center stage, delivering an energetic and thrilling experience for readers.

Chapter 252 confirms a theory that was proposed two weeks ago, which suggests that Yuji underwent training in blood manipulation during the time skip between Gojo and Sua’s battle and the current events.

This theory was previously confirmed in chapter 251, where Yuji’s training with blood manipulation was hinted at. The possibility of UT’s death is also brought up, which would have significant consequences for the story. However, there is also a chance that Gojo could return, depending on the outcome of the battle.

The chapter is filled with intense action sequences and unexpected twists. Maki’s use of a special Katana, known as the Split Soul Katana, adds a new dynamic to her fighting style. This katana has the power to bypass any physical characteristics and directly slice the soul of her opponents.

It proves to be a perfect weapon against enemies like Mahito and Suka, who rely on rejuvenating their physical bodies. Suka, on the other hand, faces the challenge of battling Maki and Yuji while manually pumping his own blood. This adds an additional layer of complexity to the fight.

The Possibility of Megumi’s Role

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Chapter 252 also raises the possibility of Megumi becoming the final antagonist of JJK. Ghetto transferred the ability to initiate the merger between Japan and Tangen to Megumi, indicating that he may continue on the rampage that Suka was on.

This theory is further supported by Megumi’s emotional state, as he has given up on everything after being forced to kill his sister and possibly his father figure, Gojo. While the fallout of the chapter may appear to lean towards Suka being the ultimate villain, the ending of chapter 251 suggests otherwise.

What Lies Ahead

The future of JJK remains uncertain as the battle between Maki, Yuji, and Suka reaches its climax. With the potential for both UT’s death and Gojo’s return, the stakes are higher than ever. The story continues to captivate readers with its intricate plot and intense fight scenes. As the series nears its historic end, fans eagerly await the resolution of these conflicts and the ultimate fate of the characters.

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