One Punch Man Chapter 195 | Saitama’s New Strongest Villain

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Exciting news for all One Punch Man fans! The latest chapter, One Punch Man Ch195, has brought about significant changes to the current arc. The creators, One and Marada, have decided to retcon the last seven chapters, taking us back to Chapter 195 from five months ago. This means that some of the events and storylines we have been following are now altered or even erased. But fear not, this is not the first time such changes have occurred in the world of One Punch Man. The creators have a history of altering the story on the fly, keeping fans on their toes.

A Recap of the Story So Far

Before we delve into the changes in Chapter 195, let’s quickly recap what happened in the previous chapters. In Chapter 194, we saw Flashy Flash challenging Tama to a training match, which almost ended disastrously for Flashy Flash. However, they were interrupted by Jos informing them about nearby demon-level monsters.

Coincidentally, Sonic was also present at the scene, encountering Flashy Flash for the first time since their training days in the Ninja Village. Hellfire and Gale also made a reappearance, offering Sonic another chance to join them in their plan to execute Flashy Flash. Meanwhile, Saitama met up with King and together they searched for Bako, hoping to gather information about God.

Now, let’s dive into the changes in Chapter 195. The chapter begins with Sonic recovering from a blow delivered by Saitama, while Hellfire and Gale decide to take him out. However, the Heavenly Ninja Party intervenes and knocks out Hellfire and Gale.

It is revealed that a man called Empty Void, who was previously in a coma, has awakened and is now teaming up with the Heavenly Ninja Party to take over the world. They seek Sonic’s help to lure Flashy Flash to them. While these events remain somewhat consistent with the original chapters, the creators have made some alterations to the storyline.

Unraveling the Mysteries

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One of the key changes in Chapter 195 is the conversation between Saitama, Flashy Flash, and Blast at the Hero Association. Originally, Blast revealed his experiments on separating monster cells, attempting to reverse human monsterification. However, this aspect of the story is no longer touched upon in the retconned chapters.

Instead, the focus shifts to Blast acknowledging Saitama’s strength and their encounter with Garo. Saitama’s memories of the fight with Garo were erased when the timeline was altered, but Blast remembers the danger Earth faced during that time. This conversation sets the stage for a greater threat looming over the world.

Implications for the Future

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As the story progresses, it becomes apparent that a greater threat than Garo is imminent. This suggests that there are individuals even stronger than Garo, who could potentially become an even greater menace if influenced by Cosmic fear powers.

Blast’s nonchalant attitude towards leaving Saitama at large, believing he poses no threat to humanity, hints at a potential future conflict between the two. This raises interesting questions about Saitama’s role in the world and his overwhelming strength.

What Lies Ahead

With the retcon of the last seven chapters, One Punch Man Ch195 sets the stage for a thrilling and unpredictable future. The ever-changing storylines and unexpected twists keep fans hooked, eagerly awaiting the next chapter. Despite the alterations, the essence of One Punch Man remains intact, promising more epic battles and exciting developments.

That’s all for now, but stay tuned for more updates on One Punch Man and don’t forget to catch the latest chapter. Enjoy the journey as we explore the limitless world of One Punch Man!

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