Intense Battle Between Sukuna and Maki | Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 253

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In the latest chapter of Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 253, we witness a thrilling and intense battle between Sukuna and Maki, two powerful characters in the series. Maki, a special grade sorcerer, has become even more formidable after a one-month time skip. However, Sukuna, who is no ordinary opponent, seems to have a plan of his own. Let’s dive into the details of this epic showdown.

The Unbelievable Power of Maki

After the time skip, Maki’s powers have reached new heights. With her incredible speed and strength, she effortlessly cuts buildings in half with each strike. Despite her impressive abilities, Sukuna proves to be a formidable foe, attacking Maki in every way possible. He throws a car at her and even grabs her, launching a devastating attack. Thanks to her Heavenly Restriction, Maki is able to withstand these attacks without being killed.

Sukuna’s Surprising Interest in Maki

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What makes this battle even more intriguing is Sukuna’s unexpected fascination with Maki. He acknowledges her as the first person who has made him rely on his physical body rather than jujutsu techniques. This surprises Sukuna because Maki lacks the ability to conjure curse energy, unlike other sorcerers. He sees her existence as defying the very essence of jujutsu. This unique situation piques Sukuna’s curiosity and he eagerly looks forward to the challenge Maki presents.

As the battle intensifies, Sukuna unleashes his ultimate technique, the black flash. This technique reflects the core of jujutsu itself and is only known to a select few sorcerers. It allows them to operate at 120% of their maximum potential. When Sukuna uses the black flash against Maki, the outcome is devastating. He overpowers her speed and physical strength, leaving her incapacitated. It becomes clear that Sukuna’s power is on a whole different level.

Kusakabe’s Role in the Battle

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While Maki faces Sukuna alone, other sorcerers, including Kusakabe, plan to intervene and help her. However, their efforts fail as Sukuna’s sharp memory allows him to see through their trap. Kusakabe’s role in the battle becomes crucial as he attempts to hold his own against Sukuna. With his impressive achievements of avoiding death and protecting others, Kusakabe may just have a chance to make a difference.

As the battle continues, it becomes increasingly evident that Sukuna still has more to reveal. He has not yet used all of his techniques, and he still has one more finger to consume. This implies that his power exceeds that of all the students combined, even in his weakened state. This raises the question of how the students can possibly defeat Sukuna if they have already thrown everything they have into the fight.

What Lies Ahead

The battle between Sukuna and Maki has captivated readers and left them eagerly anticipating the next chapter. With the return of Gojo and the rest of the gang, a new chapter in the story of Jujutsu Kaisen is about to unfold. Will they be able to defeat the seemingly unbeatable Sukuna, or will they be faced with an insurmountable power gap? Only time will tell.

In conclusion, the intense battle between Sukuna and Maki has showcased the incredible powers of both characters. Sukuna’s fascination with Maki’s physical body and her lack of curse energy adds a unique dynamic to their clash. With the introduction of the black flash technique and the unfolding power gap, the stakes have never been higher. Fans of Jujutsu Kaisen are eagerly awaiting the next installment to see how this epic battle unfolds.

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