Yuji’s Secret Weapon – Blood Magic Technique Stuns Sukuna | jjk chapter 244

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In the latest explosive developments of the long-awaited showdown between Yuji Itadori and the feared King of Curses Sukuna, Yuji has unveiled a powerful new special-grade technique that visibly shook Sukuna himself, hinting at a possible shift in the battle’s balance of power.

Jjk Chapter 244 of the popular manga series Jujutsu Kaisen gave fans a bombshell reveal of the trump card Yuji has been hiding up his sleeve: a variation of blood manipulation that reinforces his trademark “Left-Right Good Night” punch with almost unstoppable force.

Demon Yuji Unleashes Devastating New Technique in jjk chapter 244

After consuming his cursed womb Death Painting brothers to gain their abilities, Yuji entered into combat against Sukuna while biting his own wrist, with his hand reddened and veins bulging to activate this newblood-empowered fighting style.

The results were immediate and astonishing. Yuji’s first blow landed squarely on target, sending visible shockwaves through Sukuna’s body and eliciting signs of surprise even from the normally implacable King of Curses. Sukuna was forced to defend with three out of his four arms, hinting at the damage the punch could have inflicted unblocked.

Sukuna’s guarded response marks Yuji’s entrance into the uppermost Demon Sorcerer class, considering the long-dead Golden Age sorcerer Kossumo Ogi – once strong enough to earn Sukuna’s respect – stood at special-grade as well.

Between his reinforced blows powered by blood magic and his innate mastery over souls from his unique cursed lineage, Yuji Itadori might just have an outside chance at defeating the man once called Japan’s undefeatable calamity.

jjk chapter 244 yuji vs sukuna

The tides turned further in Yuji’s favor when ally Higuruma whisked Sukuna away to his Domain for a retrial over the Shibuya incident murders. With violence impossible inside the courtroom-like domain and Sukuna stripped of his usual overwhelming advantages, analysts say Yuji and Higuruma may be able to press the King of Curses into a corner.

Can Yuji’s shocking new power (and some legal maneuvering) shift the odds to take down Sukuna for good? Check back for more updates on the climactic Yuji vs Sukuna battle that’s keeping Jujutsu Kaisen fans worldwide on the edge of their seats!

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