Sasuke Fans in Tears After Seeing His Fate in New Boruto Two Blue Vortex Chapter 5!

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The latest chapter of Boruto: Two Blue Vortex, Chapter 5, has revealed significant developments, including Sasuke’s sacrifice and the revelation of how he was turned into a Divine Tree. The chapter features a flashback of Sasuke and Boruto, with Sasuke entrusting Sarada to Boruto. Additionally, Sarada hugged Boruto, indicating an emotional reunion.

Sasuke sacrifice in Boruto Two Blue Vortex Chapter 5
Image source: Crunchyroll

Chapter 5 reveals Sasuke Uchiha makes a unexpected sacrifice, battling the powerful Code and his army of claw marks while a shocked Boruto looks on. Despite being grievously outnumbered, the wounded Sasuke charges headfirst into the swarming enemies, fighting with all his might to buy time for Boruto to flee to safety.

Just before his climactic last charge, Sasuke entrusts Boruto with protecting his daughter Sarada going forward. The epic battle concludes with Sasuke being turned into a tree by the claw marks, while a clearly traumatized Boruto manages to escape.

Boruto Reaction to Sasuke’s sacrifice

The impact of Sasuke’s sacrifice on Boruto’s character development is significant. Since Sasuke and Boruto have a close relationship in the series, the emotional fallout of Sasuke’s sacrifice is likely to deeply affect Boruto’s character and storyline.

The series focuses on their relationship, and Sasuke’s sacrifice is likely to impact Boruto’s character and plot. It may lead to emotional growth, a deeper understanding of shinobi responsibilities, and possibly a shift in Boruto’s own approach to sacrifice and protection.

This sacrifice may affect Boruto profoundly, possibly resulting in emotional growth, a deeper understanding of the responsibilities of a shinobi, and a shift in how he approaches sacrifice and protection.

Boruto inherits Sasuke’s sword after his sacrifice

Sasuke sacrifice: Boruto Two Blue Vortex Chapter 5
Image source: Crunchyroll

Boruto inherits Sasuke’s sword can be inferred that this act symbolizes Sasuke’s trust in Boruto and his belief that Boruto is capable of carrying on his legacy. The sword may serve as a physical and symbolic connection between the two characters. It represents the passing of responsibility and Sasuke’s continuation. Additionally, it could signify Boruto’s growth and development as a shinobi, as he takes on the mantle of carrying a weapon of such importance.

It is speculated that Boruto inherited Sasuke’s possessions after his death. The fact that Sasuke gave Boruto his sword is also symbolic. This indicates that Sasuke trained him in combat and entrusted things to him. The significance of Boruto inheriting Sasuke’s sword is that it represents the passing of the torch from Sasuke to Boruto. This indicates that Boruto is now responsible for carrying on Sasuke’s legacy and protecting the village.

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