Chainsaw Man Movie: Reze Arc Officially Announced by Studio MAPPA!

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Prepare for the chainsaw revs and heart-pounding action as Studio MAPPA announces the production of the highly anticipated movie, “Chainsaw Man – The Movie: Reze Arc.” The reveal, made during Jump Festa ’24, has set the anime community abuzz with excitement.

Here’s all you need to know about this thrilling development:

Chainsaw Man Movie: Reze Arc
Image source: Chainsaw Man Movie: Reze Arc

An announcement was made about the movie during a Jump Festa ’24 stage dedicated to the anime. The story of the movie is expected to continue from season 1 of the anime. The director of the movie has yet to be announced.


The chainsaw man movie “The Reze Arc” will be based on the Bomb Girl arc of the manga. In this arc, Denji meets Reze, who he believes is his dream girl.

In spite of this, Denji soon discovers Reze is a Soviet agent sent by the Soviet Union, and she poses a greater threat to him than he could ever anticipate. As a self-contained arc, Reze is expected to tell a complete story without requiring context from Season 1.


In Chainsaw Man manga, the Reze story arc is fully canon and smoothly transitions to the next. A Chainsaw Man anime movie could bridge the first and second seasons of the franchise if it told a complete story without the need for any context from Season 1. The arc is largely self-contained without feeling like a spinoff.

It has a clear start, middle, and end, and it also has a strong villain. The Reze arc has exactly what it needs to be a movie’s plot, and not much more. Making the Reze arc into an anime movie has other advantages as well. If the Chainsaw Man anime really did fall short, a quality, impactful movie for the Reze arc could turn that all around and generate serious buzz.

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