My Hero Academia Chapter 410: Farewell All for One! A Turning Point in the Story

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Its latest chapter, My Hero Academia Chapter 410, titled “Farewell, All for One,” has left fans reeling with its intense action and unexpected twists. This chapter marks the start of the final war, and marks a significant turning point in the story. Here’s what happened in the chapter.

All for One’s inner thoughts begin the chapter, expressing the urgency of reaching Shigaraki. However, All for One’s vestiges start vanishing from his body, making him believe he still has a chance against the heroes.

Meanwhile, Deku has only Gearshift, Danger Sense, and Fa Jin for attacking. As Bakugo defeats All for One during his attack on Shigaraki, Deku continues fighting Shigaraki despite his injuries after fighting All for One. An egg cell dissolves All for One’s existence, ending his threat.

The Heroes’ Strategic Decision

A flashback reveals the heroes’ strategic decision to face All for One within U.A. to counter the destructive Shigaraki. However, as Shigaraki realizes All for One’s demise, he threatens to unleash an unstoppable decay that could obliterate Japan.

Here’s what people are talking about the upcoming My Hero Academia Chapter 410

My Hero Academia Chapter 410
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In an attempt to touch Deku’s face, Shigaraki uses Danger Sense to destroy his fingers. Shinomori’s disappearance is reported by Banjo, who notes that Shigaraki now has Danger Sense. Shigaraki concludes the chapter by asking how long Deku can keep fighting.

My Hero Academia Chapter 410 Release date and time

For international readers and North American readers, Chapter 410 of My Hero Academia will be available on December 24, 2023, at midnight JST, and for Japanese readers, at midnight JST, on December 25, 2023.

For Leaks and Spoler of My Hero Academia Chapter 410, You can check OPSCANS Twitter Page.

My Hero Academia Chapter 410 Fan Reactions

The latest chapter has left fans shocked and excited. Fans have expressed their excitement and shock over the intense action and unexpected twists, while others have expressed their sadness at the death of All for One. Fans are eagerly awaiting the next installment.

Aside from its intense action and unexpected twists, My Hero Academia Chapter 410 left fans on the edge of their seats. There is no doubt that this chapter marks the beginning of the final war in the series, and fans are eager to see how it turns out.

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