Naruto’s Epic Return: Unveiling the Date & Timing of 4 New Episodes!

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Fans of the anime series Naruto have been eagerly awaiting the release of four new episodes set to air in 2023 to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the anime. Unfortunately, the release date for the new episodes has been postponed due to the creators’ commitment to ensuring the highest quality of the content.

The delay in the release of these new episodes is likely due to the creators wanting to ensure that the episodes will live up to the expectations of the fans. They are likely revisiting iconic storylines and arcs from the show’s original run, and taking the time to ensure the utmost quality of the content.

Naruto's Epic Return: Unveiling the Date & Timing of 4 New Episodes!
Image source: Crunchyroll

A revised broadcast schedule will be announced on the official site and social media when it is finalized. In the meantime, fans can stay up to date with the latest information on where to watch the new episodes by checking the official Naruto website and social media.

20th Anniversary Visuals on Naruto’s Official Site

The official Naruto website has unveiled new visuals and event details to commemorate Naruto’s 20th anniversary. The dedicated page features new visuals, event details, and a message from the series creator, Masashi Kishimoto. Fans are eagerly anticipating “NARUTO THE GALLERY” exhibition, promising an immersive experience reliving iconic anime scenes, witnessing character growth, and watching an art collaboration video.

The latest information about the release date and where to watch the new episodes can be found on the Naruto website and social media. A ton of exciting projects are being planned for this big anniversary year, so fans are encouraged to check the website for more information, since the website is now open not only in Japan, but across the globe.

A brand-new, anime-only storyline is expected to be featured in the new episodes, while some iconic storylines and arcs from the original run will be revisited as well. A special video commemorates the anime’s 20th anniversary on the website. In addition, VIZ Media’s website and Naruto’s Twitter account provide the latest information.

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