Kuma’s Shocking Entry: Bonney vs Saturn in One Piece Chapter 1103

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The One Piece Chapter 1103, titled “Bonney fights Saturn,” reveals that Saturn conducted experiments on Bonney, and one of her powers is a result of these experiments. Despite eating a lot of food, Bonney, a 12 year old girl who is slim, is shown to be losing the battle against Saturn. Kuma arrives at the end of the chapter and prepares to fight Saturn.

Saturn in One Piece Chapter 1103
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In the storyline, Bonney possesses the toshi toshi no mi fruit, a fruit that allows her to access alternate timelines and draw power from them. This ability allows her to temporarily access abilities from various timelines, making it extremely powerful.

In addition, Bonney is shown her ability to alter her own future and past, as she taps into a muscular future version of herself, demonstrating her ability to distort aging and alter her own future/past.

Additionally, Bonney’s true origins and potential connection to Kuma and the World Government are revealed in the chapter. In addition to being Kuma’s daughter, there have been speculations about her role in fulfilling her people’s destiny and taking down the World Government. There are also discussions about how Bonney’s powers can help Luffy escape Egghead Island and fight Saturn.

The reveal of Bonney’s powers, her fight against Saturn, and Kuma’s upcoming confrontation with Saturn make One Piece Chapter 1103 a significant turning point in the story.

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