“SHY” Season 2 Officially Announced!

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Fans of the anime adaptation of Bukimi Miki’s “SHY” manga can rejoice as the second season has been officially announced. The first season of the anime premiered in Japan on October 2, 2023, and is available on Crunchyroll.

The announcement of the second season was made in the final episode of the first season, leaving fans eagerly anticipating the continuation of the story.

SHY Season 2
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New Cast Members

The second season of “SHY” will see the addition of two new cast members, Shunichi Toki and Saori Hayami. Toki will be playing the role of Kaito, a new character who will be introduced in the second season.

Hayami will be playing the role of Yui, a character who was briefly mentioned in the first season but did not make an appearance. The addition of these new cast members is sure to bring a fresh perspective to the story and add to the excitement of the second season.

Premiere Date

The second season of “SHY” is set to premiere on March 27, 2024. Fans have been eagerly awaiting news of the premiere date since the announcement of the second season, and the wait is finally over.

The premiere date is just a few months away, and fans are already counting down the days until they can continue the story of “SHY.”

Limited Edition Blu-ray Disc Volume

In addition to the premiere of the second season, a limited edition Blu-ray Disc volume will be released. The volume will include a mini-manga by Miki, the creator of the “SHY” manga. This is sure to be a must-have for fans of the series, and will provide even more insight into the world of “SHY.”

The announcement of the second season of “SHY” has been met with excitement from fans of the series. With the addition of new cast members, a premiere date, and a limited edition Blu-ray Disc volume, there is plenty to look forward to in the coming months. Fans of the series can’t wait to see what the second season has in store for them, and are eagerly counting down the days until March 27, 2024.

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