Shocking Revelations: Sasuke’s Clone Hidari to Kill Own Daughter

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In a shocking twist, a clone of Sasuke Uchiha created by the mysterious Shinju trees has declared he must kill Sasuke’s daughter Sarada. This comes amidst revelations that Sasuke has deemed his student Boruto even more powerful than Naruto and himself.

The Shinju trees, born from the remains of Isshiki Otsutsuki, have started targeting their loved ones in order to evolve. Sasuke’s clone named “Hidari” feels instinctively drawn to kill Sarada.

Sasuke's Clone Hidari to Kill Own Daughter: Boruto Two Blue Vortex Chapter 5
Image source: Crunchyroll

Hidari, a Shinju clone of Sasuke Uchiha, picked Sarada as his target to eat and grow stronger, according to him. Sarada will be confronted with grave danger soon, but she will be able to showcase her full skillset to the fans during her fight with Hidari. Sarada will also gain experience from the fight against Hidari.

It is well known among fans that Sarada has already awakened the Mangekyo Sharingan. When Sarada hears of Sasuke’s fate, she is likely to become aware of the fact that she possesses this power. Once again, Sarada will be able to awaken the Mangekyo Sharingan and demonstrate it during the battle. Sarada will ultimately gain strength from this fight and be able to take her next step forward because of it.

Meanwhile, after just a year of training, a 14-year-old Boruto has mastered all chakra natures and created his own signature jutsu. Sasuke confirmed Boruto’s potential is limitless and he will likely be the strongest shinobi ever.

With the Shinju threat looming, Boruto and Sarada may need to join forces to protect Naruto, who the Shinju leader Jura has set his sights on devouring. This battle could pit teacher Sasuke against student as his clone aims to rid the world of the Uchiha clan once and for all.

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