Luffy’s True Dream Revealed – To Create a World Without Hunger (One Piece Episode 1088)

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The upcoming One Piece Episode 1088 is titled “Luffy’s Dream.” The episode is set to reveal Luffy’s dream that he shared with his brother, and it will also feature the Revolutionary army making a grand entrance.

Additionally, it will address the fate of Boa Hancock after being captured by the Blackbeard Pirates. The episode is highly anticipated and is scheduled to be released on various dates and times depending on the time zone. It is set to be an epic installment in the One Piece series, and fans are eagerly looking forward to it.

One Piece Episode 1088 Preview: LUFFY'S DREAM
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What is Luffy True Dream?

In the latest one piece episode 1088, Luffy proclaimed to antagonist Kaido that his vision is for a world where everyone gets “as much food as they need.” This seems simplistic for the food-loving pirate, but represents tackling inequality and poverty more broadly.

Throughout the current Wano Country arc, Luffy has raged against the stark disparities between the wealthy central Flower Capital and the impoverished outskirts where people starve. This mirrors his homeland East Blue’s Goa Kingdom which also had massive inequality.

Luffy aims to take down self-serving powers who hoard resources while people suffer in poverty. To achieve his dream, he must continue toppling corrupt regimes like he did in Wano.

The reveal likely matches previous Pirate King Gol D. Roger’s dream for a world without inequality. Luffy now seems destined to finish what Roger started – locating the final island and One Piece treasure to bring the dawn of a just world.

Release date and time of One Piece episode 1088

Luffy's True Dream, One Piece Episode 1088
Luffy’s True Dream (Image via Toei Animation)

One Piece Episode 1088, titled “Luffy’s Dream,” is set to be released on Sunday, December 17, 2024, at 9:30 am JST. The episode will be available to stream on Crunchyroll across various time zones after its release in Japan. Due to the time difference, it will be available to watch on December 16 in the US.

Plot of One Piece episode 1088

One Piece Episode 1088, titled “Luffy’s Dream,” is predicted to primarily focus on the events taking place in Amazon Lily. The episode will continue the incident on Amazon Lily Island and reveal the reason that saves Boa Hancock from the preview, with Rayleigh playing a key role.

The episode will also display Luffy throwing a bit of a tantrum when he finds out the news about Boa Hancock before revealing the dream that he shared with his brother. Additionally, the Revolutionary army will make a grand entrance in the episode.

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