Mihawk’s Seraphim VS Blackbeard | One Piece Episode 1087

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In the latest episode of One Piece, fans were treated to an explosive encounter between Mihawk’s Seraphim and the notorious pirate Blackbeard. The battle, which took place in the Amazon Lily, showcased the incredible power and skill of S-Hawk, Mihawk’s Seraphim clone.

Mihawk's Seraphim VS Blackbeard

S-Hawk, created by the genius scientist Dr. Vegapunk, is an extremely skilled swordsman who wields a large sword similar to Mihawk’s Yoru. The Seraphim are designed to be living weapons, capable of dealing with criminals and potentially even stronger than the former Warlords of the Sea in some aspects.

In the episode, S-Hawk’s swordsmanship skills were put to the test as he clashed with Blackbeard, one of the most powerful pirates in the One Piece world. The battle was intense, with S-Hawk demonstrating incredible resilience and strength, even forcing Blackbeard to use his Armament Haki to defend himself.

Mihawk's Seraphim VS Blackbeard | One Piece Episode 1087

This encounter is a significant event in the One Piece series, as it highlights the power and capabilities of Mihawk’s Seraphim. The battle between S-Hawk and Blackbeard serves as a reminder of the immense threat these clones pose and the potential role they will play in the upcoming wars in the series.

Mihawk's Seraphim VS Blackbeard

Fans of One Piece are eagerly anticipating more episodes that showcase the Seraphim’s incredible abilities and the dynamic between them and their original counterparts. The confrontation between Mihawk’s Seraphim and Blackbeard in One Piece Episode 1087 is a testament to the engaging and action-packed storytelling that makes the series a favorite among fans worldwide.

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