Sasuke Sacrifices Life to Save Boruto! Will Sarada Avenge Her Father’s Death?

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After confirming Boruto has surpassed both himself and even Naruto in power, Sasuke opts to stay behind as a one-man army against Code and the deadly Claw organization. Vastly outnumbered, Sasuke charges into battle, using his Sharingan and Chidori blade to give Boruto desperately needed time to escape.

Will Sarada Avenge Her Father's Death
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Showing tremendous courage, Sasuke manages to cut down several Claw assassins in the process. However, the odds are overwhelmingly not in Sasuke’s favor against the band of elite Otsutsuki followers. Though Boruto refuses to abandon his master, Sasuke entrusts the future to his student – including protecting Sarada.

In the end, Sasuke is inevitably overwhelmed and turned into a helpless tree by Code in his valiant last stand. Boruto returns to retrieve Sasuke’s sword, vowing to carry on his master’s will.

Sarada Devastated Over Father’s Death

Upon Boruto’s return to the village, Sarada immediately runs into his arms, before realizing her own father did not return. As Sasuke’s only living descendant – and the future hope of rebuilding her clan – Sarada will undoubtedly be crushed by the loss.

The emotional trauma of losing her father could readily awaken Sarada’s Mangekyo Sharingan, granting fearsome new powers. With the ominous Shinju threat still looming, having the next leader of the Uchiha clan reach new heights has perhaps never been more crucial.

As the daughter of Sasuke and student of Naruto, Sarada may feel compelled to carry on their legacies and fight to protect the village. But will she first set her sights on avenging her clan by taking down Code?

Boruto and Sarada: Bonded by Their Father’s Sacrifice

Will Sarada Avenge Her Father's Death?
Image source: Crunchyroll

As the duas finds solace in each other’s arms, their bond seems to grow even stronger in the wake of their fathers’ sacrifice. Naruto remaining trapped in another dimension and Sasuke dying to save Boruto links the two tightly together.

Boruto promises to uphold Sasuke’s will and protect Sarada going forward. But the two shinobi may need to fight side-by-side very soon, as new threats emerge in the form of the mysterious Shinju.

With the Shinju targeting Naruto for consumption, Boruto and Sarada will likely need to team up to take down the ominous leader Jura and save her father’s mentor. Only by combining forces can they hope to rescue their village and avenge their clans.

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